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Selling Tips Checklist


Selling a property can be an important emotional transaction and the time spent preparing your home for sale can be the difference between obtaining an average price for your property and accomplishing a great price, all by following these easy and inexpensive steps.

There are 8 points on our checklist of selling tips which will help you maximise the presentation of your home.



A tidy home is a welcoming sign to prospective purchasers, therefore it is important to try and keep your home looking neat and as tidy as possible, decluttering and removing anything that doesn’t need to be in the room, fresh flowers at the dining room table can always contribute to lightening up a room.


While tidying you home, consider the impact furniture may be having on a room, rooms look smaller when they are crowded with furniture. Clear out anything that doesn’t need to be in the room to create a feeling of space and room.

3Minor Repairs

Take care of minor repairs before they become issues later. Attend to any painting (walls and doors), ensure all tap washers & plumbing is in a serviceable and satisfactory condition, take care of any cracks, evidence of damp or moisture & gutters. A neglected property can send out negative signals to prospective purchases so it is critical that you take care of any issues to ensure your property looks the best on inspection day.


Ensure you let plenty of light into your home for home opens and inspections, an atmosphere of a home can be greatly improved by switching on lights and lamps prior to the arrival of prospective purchases.

5Comfortable Home

A warm home on a cold day or a cool home on a hot day helps to create a feeling of cosiness and a comfortable atmosphere.


Some buyers choose to drive past a property before viewing it internally, to create a lasting first impression for potential buyers by ensuring your lawns and gardens are neat and tidy. Garden beds should be weeded and freshly mulched, the more you can do, the more street appeal your home will have.


Ensure that your home is free of any odours or strong smells such as animal smells from dogs, cigarettes, cooking and food smells. Open windows and keep these impacts to a minimum around inspection times.

8Smoke Detectors and Residual Currency Devices

Make sure your property meets current standards in respect to the presence of Residual Currency Devices (Also known as RCD’s or Safety Switches) and hard wired smoke detectors. For more information please visit


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